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The KeepWell Mark FAQs

19 September 2017
What is the KeepWell Mark?
The KeepWell Mark, introduced by Ibec in 2017, is an evidence-based workplace wellbeing accreditation and award for companies that adopt policies to make their employees’ wellbeing a priority for their businesses.

How does it work?
The accreditation process starts with benchmarking your current practice against recognised standards followed by clear guidance on how to make improvements with the support and resources provided.
Organisations are then assessed, awarded a certificate valid for two years, receive a report with recommendations for future improvements and are listed on Ibec’s website as employers of choice.

What areas will be assessed?
The eight areas of The KeepWell Mark are Leadership, Absence Management, Health and Safety, Mental Health, Smoke Free, Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Intoxicants.

What support is there for companies?
Our self-assessment tool allows you to evaluate your workplace against our eight topic areas, so you can see where you are now and where you need to make changes. Touch-in points with Ibec are organised to review progress throughout the process.

Companies can also access Ibec sample health, safety and wellness policies and resources if required.

How does the assessment process work?
The accreditation involves visiting the workplace to:
  • Review the evidence portfolio.
  • Conduct interviews or small focus groups with staff from different departments and job roles about their experience of health, safety and wellbeing.
  • Tour the site to see further evidence of the implementation of health, safety and wellbeing activity.
  • Document the evidence compiled against the standards of The KeepWell Mark.

How long does it take to be accredited?
This bit is up to you. The timeline differs, company to company, based on levels of preparedness. On average, the process usually takes between 3-4 months.

How long is the KeepWell Mark accreditation valid for?
The KeepWell Mark accreditation is valid two years, pending a KeepWell check-up mid cycle.

Where have accredited companies seen the most impact?
  • We have many companies who were experiencing issues with managing absences, boosting physical activity and dealing with mental health in the workplace. By adopting the standards of the KeepWell Mark they were able to change their approach to wellbeing and introduce a variety of new schemes to support their staff and make a positive change.
  • Other companies benefit from having a clear and structured approach to workplace wellbeing that has a meaningful impact for every member of staff.
  • All companies benefit from enhancing their employer brand with the accreditation. The KeepWell Mark gives companies the opportunity to lead by example and become a driving force towards making their industries’ workplaces safer and healthier.

How many companies have enrolled?
Since its launch, over 70 companies from the food & drink, tech, biopharma, construction, hospitality and retail industries (including third level institutions and professional services firms) have enrolled for The KeepWell Mark.

What do I get from my investment?
  1. A detailed framework and action plan to achieve high standards and meet criteria in key corporate wellness metrics
  2. Accreditation valid for two years pending a KeepWell health check, mid cycle
  3. A personalised report with recommendations for further improvements
  4. Access to an online portal, providing sample workplace wellness policies, resources and best practice
  5. Access to an engaged community and experts in the corporate wellness space
  6. National recognition and promotion of your organisation’s achievements